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New England Free Jacks: Jesse Parete Returns to New England (New England Free Jacks)

  • Takeaway: Back row Jesse Parete, who played for Taranaki in the NPC in the MLR offseason, returns to New England for the remainder of the 2023 season.


Italy: Italy's Ange Capuozzo to Miss Games with Wales and Scotland (BBC Sport)

  • Takeaway: Italy announced that dynamic fullback Ange Capuozzo will miss the remainder of the Six Nations after suffering a shoulder injury in the loss to Ireland two weeks ago.


Men's Rankings: Germany Return to Top 30 in World Rugby Men's Rankings Powered by Capgemini (World Rugby)

  • Takeaway: The top 10 remains unchanged, while the U.S. has moved up one spot to 18th, and Germany moves into the top 30.

Women's Rankings: Portugal's Women on Verge of Promotion (World Rugby)

  • Takeaway: The top 10 remains unchanged, with the U.S. in 7th, while Portugal moves into the top 30.


Tiers: The "Contenders" tier stays roughly the same after three rounds, though the power is in the Western Conference at the moment. Rugby ATL may be flying under the radar, while Chicago could have the services of Billy Meakes this weekend.


  • Houston SaberCats
  • Seattle Seawolves
  • San Diego Legion
  • New York Ironworkers
  • New England Free Jacks

Competition for 3rd Seed:

  • Rugby ATL
  • Utah Warriors
  • Old Glory DC
  • NOLA Gold

Under Construction:

  • Chicago Hounds
  • Toronto Arrows
  • Dallas Jackals

The Rankings: The Houston SaberCats are the new No.1 after knocking off the San Diego Legion, but now face the only other 3-0 team, the Seattle Seawolves, in Round 4.

  1. Houston SaberCats (+3)
  2. Seattle Seawolves
  3. San Diego Legion (-2)
  4. New York Ironworkers (+1)
  5. New England Free Jacks (-2)
  6. Rugby ATL
  7. Utah Warriors (+1)
  8. Old Glory DC (-1)
  9. NOLA Gold
  10. Toronto Arrows
  11. Chicago Hounds (+1)
  12. Dallas Jackals (-1)


Jamaica: Jamaica to Play a Test Match in Europe in March (Americas Rugby News)

New Zealand: Joe Schmidt Weighs Up Tilt at All Blacks Job as Coaching Bug Bites Again (Stuff NZ).

USA Men's Sevens: High and Lows for Men's Sevens in Historic Weekend from Vancouver (USA Rugby)

USA Women's Sevens: USA Women's Sevens Earn Historic Fifth Straight Series Medal after a Bronze Medal Finish at HSBC Canada Sevens (USA Rugby)

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Do you think the Dallas Jackals will beat the Toronto Arrows on Saturday?


Yesterday's Poll Answer

Do you think the Utah Warriors will beat the New England Free Jacks at home in Round 7?

21% of respondents voted that the Utah Warriors will beat the New England Free Jacks in Round 7.